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January, 2017
Success After Failure

Have you gone through a divorce or break-up and despite the failure and heartbreak it motivated you to succeed beyond what you believed your potential or purpose on earth would be?

What were the words that they said to you when you asked for
the divorce or ended the relationship or vice versa? For Lady Gaga it was in part “You will never Succeed and I hope you fail”!

What did the fuel from those harsh words ignite in you to make you successful?

What does your life look like today ? Who or what have you become? Are you the CEO of a successful company? Tell us your story!

Perhaps they said to you, “You will never amount to anything without me” or maybe they said ” You are fat and ugly you will never be a model” or “You will never make it on your own”. From the fuel of the harsh words, did you achieve success in spite of the fact, they wished failure on you? We are looking for success stories after the failure of your relationship. Reaching success when others want to see you fail can be all the fuel you need to ignite the spark that makes you reach your true potential, rise again and find your purpose. There are many people out there who will tell you that you can’t, that’s when we need to turn around and say WATCH ME!

We are looking for people who can inspire and motivate us with their stories. Short stories that will inspire someone to pursue their dreams despite the loss and heartbreak of a marriage or relationship. Your story does not have to be long, just answer these questions and submit your story for consideration. It is not necessary that you use their name, we need your name, email address and telephone number and the facts of your story in 200 words or less.

Question 1) What were the words that they said to you when you asked for the divorce or ended the relationship or vice versa? What is the background behind those words?

Example.. He said I could never make it through as a contestant on American Idol. It has always been my passion to sing on a professional level and though-out our relationship he encouraged me to pursue my dream of becoming a singer and told me I was a great singer. When I ended our relationship, he said he always thought I was a terrible singer and that I would never make it.

Question 2) What did the fuel from those harsh words ignite in you to make you successful?

Example.. After our break-up I decided to try out as a contestant on American Idol and not only did I make it through the audition stage, I made it all the way to the top 20 finals.

Question 3) What does your life look like today ? Tell us about the journey and who or what have you become? 200 words or less.

Example.. Because of my failed relationship I would never have pushed myself outside of my comfort zone and would have missed so many opportunities. Since appearing on American Idol, today I am a back up singer for ________ and you can listen to my solo songs on I-tunes or visit my website @ www. I am successful beyond my wildest dreams because I dared to take a chance on me and following my dreams.

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